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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Letter From Publisher April 2021

Spring time is in full bloom here on our beautiful Suncoast, and Earth Day is just around the corner. In light of this annual event, our theme for this April issue is all about sustaining environmental protection and conservation efforts. From the ramifications of climate change to eco-conscious lifestyle choices, read on as we delve into the nuances of this topic.       


Our feature article this month explores “The Human Cost of Climate Change.” With each new earthquake, wildfire, hurricane or flash flood, we see how the warming of our planet has dire, immediate consequences on human life. However, this alarming reality is also an invitation for all of us to pursue global transformation and justice. On a macro level, we must hold sources of pollution accountable and invest in clean energy, transit and mitigation solutions. But we also need to take personal inventory and practice sustainable lifestyle habits ourselves. 


One practical way to make eco-friendlier choices is to examine our workout regimens. While this might not be the most obvious solution that comes to mind, there are actually a number of simple initiatives we can take to reduce our carbon footprints during exercise, and this month’s “Eco-Fitness” article offers tips on how to do just that. From sweating in sustainably made activewear or stretching on a recycled-material yoga mat, to consuming a plant-based diet or collecting trash while out for a run, these daily choices can lead to a positive long-term impact. 


Finally, care for the environment is something we need to instill in our children as early on as possible. Since the next generations will inherit this earth we call home, it’s crucial for them to understand how all of our actions today can affect the health and safety of life on this planet tomorrow. Our “Kids Out in Nature” article dives into the importance of teaching children to disconnect from their screens and become more curious about the great outdoors. Not only does this help to create an understanding of environmentalism, but it yields mental, emotional and physical benefits too—especially for kids who spent most of 2020 indoors.   


As usual, this is just a small glimpse of all the information and enlightenment you’ll find within the pages of this issue. Please don’t hesitate to send your comments, questions or feedback to [email protected], and we’ll see you back here next month!  


October 2021 Digital Edition




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