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Letter From the Publisher May 2021 Edition

In the U.S., May is recognized as National Women’s Health Month, and here at Natural Awakenings, we are doing our part to advocate for the wellness and empowerment of women across all different backgrounds. This past year has been incredibly stressful for each of us, but women in particular often carry the burden of keeping their entire families safe and cared for in times of crisis. Therefore, it’s important to shine a light on women’s health and vitality, now more than ever—and that is exactly what this month’s issue is all about. 


To begin with, our feature issue dives into “Women’s Top Health Concerns” and the evolution of gender equality in healthcare. Of course, there is still much work to be done in this area—especially for women in underserved populations—but in recent decades, clinical research has led to more nuanced treatments and medications. For example, breast cancer deaths among women have decreased by 40 percent, yet more advancements are still required to protect women from heart disease, hormone imbalances, depression and autoimmune issues.  


Obviously, we cannot talk about women’s health without exploring reproductive wellness and prenatal care, and this month’s “Healthy Kids” column pulls back the curtain on holistic pregnancy. In this period of gestation, both mother and baby share nutrition, blood and oxygen, so it’s important to eat organic whole foods, take a quality prenatal vitamin, exercise on a regular basis, practice meditation or yoga, and make sure that household cleaners and body care products are free of chemical toxins. In addition, hiring a midwife or doula can provide birth coaching and comfort in the actual delivery room. 


Mental and emotional health is another facet of well-being that should not be overlooked—for both men and women alike. Research on the mind-body connection points to an undeniable relationship between caring for emotional wellness and maintaining physical resilience, stamina and vitality. This month’s “Inspiration” article focuses on “Three Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions” which all of us could use right now in this time of collective uncertainty. We can still experience calm in the midst of a challenge when we name our emotions, welcome them in without judgment, and lean into compassion for both ourselves and others.  


As always, this is just a small taste of the enlightenment and encouragement that awaits you inside these pages. We would love to hear how best we can serve you during this season, so please send any comments, questions or feedback to [email protected] And thank you for allowing us to be a continual part of your wellness practice. 







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