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Letter From the Publisher June 2021 Edition

Welcome back to yet another inspiration- and enlightenment-filled issue of Natural Awakenings. Summer has once again made its presence known here on the balmy Suncoast, and as the world starts to gradually reopen, we are so excited to help you celebrate the arrival of this beautiful season. Join us as we pull back the curtain on what you’ll find within these pages! 


Last month, we talked all about women’s health, so this time around, we want to shine a light on men’s wellness. Our feature article focuses on “Men’s Integrative Health” to treat a variety of conditions from heart disease and prostate cancer to erectile dysfunction and mental illness. In the U.S., men’s lifestyles tend to be less healthy than their female counterparts which can often result in premature death. But with the holistic mind-body connection of an integrative medicine approach, men can regain control of both their physical and mental wellness. 


On the subject of holistic modalities, our “Healthy Ways” article for this month dives into natural treatment options for relieving depression. As of 2017, an estimated 17.3 million Americans had suffered a bout of major depression, but this number has since tripled as a result of the global pandemic. With such a high rate of prevalence, more Americans are now turning to natural solutions to help treat their depression such as herbal and homeopathic remedies, as well as whole food nutrition and restorative exercises like yoga. This article explores all these natural, effective ways to create balance in your mental health.  


Of course, what’s a summer issue without the mention of traveling? And now that it’s finally becoming safe to enjoy this seasonal pastime, our “Conscious Eating” article for this issue is all about the benefits (and fun!) of a vegan vacation. If your summer plans include a family road trip, pack the cooler with plant-based munchies like fresh or dried fruits, raw nuts or seeds, rice cakes, muesli, oat milk, granola bars, nut butters and more. In addition to these wholesome and portable snacks, you can also use mobile apps to locate vegan eateries or search restaurant menus for vegan options. Who says vacation can’t be both indulgent and nutritious? 


As usual, this is just a taste of all we have in store for you throughout this month’s issue. We love hearing from you beautiful readers, so please contact [email protected] with any comments, questions or feedback, and we’ll be sure to respond. On behalf of the entire Natural Awakenings team, I wish you a vibrant and healthy summer!    

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