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Boost Your Immune Health Naturally with Reiki

What do the words, "be healthy" mean to you? To most people in the world today, this includes washing or sanitizing your hands, wearing a mask and social distancing. To our team at The Remedy Room, this also means supporting your vitamin intake and helping to relieve your stress. When you are relaxed at feel at ease in both a mental and physical sense, the body responds a positive, restorative way.  

Reiki promotes this an overall state of calm by helping to balance the immune system, reducing stress hormone levels and allowing the body’s self-healing properties to activate. Our targeted approach to traditional Reiki enables us to direct the energy to specific areas of need. We encourage others to take our Level One Reiki Certification class, so they can incorporate self-Reiki into their daily routine. Adding Reiki sessions to your routine can truly make a difference. This is a powerful way to invite peace into your lifestyle, while naturally boosting overall immune health. 


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