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Sound Healing Sundays at The Remedy Room

The ideal combination for stress relief is sound healing meditation, paired with Reiki. Each sound healing meditation is a unique experience, and the results linger for quite some time. It feels as though the entire body hums in perfect harmony.  

Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, crystal bowls, rattles and pan drums are just some of the instruments used in a sound healing meditation. As stress relief specialists, we at The Remedy Room are always looking for modalities to help our clients decompress naturally.   

A traditional Reiki session with the magical vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls can accomplish just that, so we created Sound Healing Sundays, during which you can experience a private sound healing and Reiki session created just for you.  

Find yourself in a dim lit room infused with aromatherapy on a heated session table receiving Reiki treatments for energy balance. A variety of singing bowls are placed on the floor to be played by a sound healer for your specific needs. Each bowl has a different note and frequency that correlates to different areas of the body.  

Sound waves and gentle vibrations will guide you into deep levels of relaxation. You will feel layers of tension release, as the bowls are placed on the body, so the subtle energy of the sound can move through you. Benefits include restful sleep, anxiety and stress relief, pain release, inner peace and an overall sense of calm. 


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