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So, You’ve Been Told Your Child Might Have ADHD…

Attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in America today. It’s not hard to see why, as the symptoms associated with the diagnosis (distraction, impulsivity, lack of attention or focus, restlessness, anger issues) are common in many other conditions.  

In fact, ADHD is highly comorbid with other conditions and a host of academic achievement difficulties. In reality, defining ADHD is not that simple. Generally, it cannot be diagnosed with a physical exam, observation, or a lab analysis such as blood test or simple scan. Instead, health professionals use an evaluation process to diagnose ADHD. 

The Brain Wave Center has developed a new comprehensive assessment program to identify—or in some cases, verify—the potential for ADHD. This new platform combines standard tests and rating scales used to detect the presence of ADHD, but it also adds in electrophysiologic measures to validate the findings or identify other potential issues.  

The program includes a clinical review, parent questionnaire, parent and teacher rating scales, psychometric test data and electro-physiologic measures (qEEG or Brain Map). A physical exam is also encouraged to rule out medical problems that can often mimic ADHD symptoms such as thyroid issues. 

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the next step is to assist families to develop an intervention program.  Interventions fall into two specific categories—drug and non-drug. Whether or not medication is used, research indicates that some combination of medical and non-medical interventions represent the best-practice approach to managing ADHD.  

Medication can help manage the symptoms, while non-medical interventions teach new skills to cope with life’s challenges. The Brain Wave Center is there to help find the most effective and practical intervention modalities for each individual. Whether you choose to work with The Brain Wave Center or not, when choosing a health care professional, ask about their assessment procedures to ensure they use a comprehensive ADHD evaluation process. 


At the Brain Wave Center our interventions include Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, Psychotherapy and more to help you rediscover well–being. For more information or to schedule a free consultation call 941-552-4500 or visit 


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