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Addressing Grief Naturally with Bach Flower Remedies

Grief surfaces when a loss of some kind is present. However, many people are unaware of their own grief, until others bring it to their attention. We all grieve differently. There are those who turn inward  and need to be alone with minimal communication. Others are more external, sharing their emotions and outwardly expressing them to everyone.  

There are no rules or timelines for how to grieve, as it is so personal. When we think about grief, we automatically connect it to the passing of a loved one. But the truth is, grief is not limited to death—it can be attached to many life shifts as well such as the loss of a job, home, friendships or just a way of being. 

Some of us also grieve the loss of a particular routine or even traditions that are no longer celebrated. How deeply rooted we are in life patterns can trigger on how we react when they’re no longer part of our realities.  

If you’re in the midst of grief, Bach Flower Remedies are the perfect support to work with your current emotional state of mind and help you to find a balance. Perhaps you constantly reflect on what used to be and feel held back by nostalgia. Maybe you feel shock or trauma from your loss, or this personal experience has caused fear and anxiety to surface.  

Some people turn to food, alcohol or drugs to fill this void. However, these incredible Back Flower Remedies can gently raise your vibration and help you feel overall ease. They can guide you back into balance as you walk through the natural life experience of grief. At the Remedy Room, we assist you in finding and learning about the best remedies to support your needs in this fragile moment in your life. 


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