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Massage Mondays at Fusion Therapy

Come enjoy the combined benefits of a full-body massage and halo therapy (dry salt therapy) in our Dead Sea Salt suites on Massage Mondays. Rooted in the Greek word halos, the therapeutic properties of salt have long been recognized by physicians. Modern salt rooms are made to replicate the naturally occurring salt caves of Eastern and Central Europe, and this traditional therapy could help treat and prevent a wide range of conditions.  

With mineral-rich salt from the Dead Sea, our salt suite is a destination unto itself. Once inside the dry salt therapy room, a special halo generator pushes microparticles of pharmaceutical grade salt into the air which pull toxins from the lower lungs and upper respiratory track. Acting as a sort of sponge, the salt particles absorb foreign matter and help thin mucus which allows the body to expel the toxins naturally. 

Beyond these respiratory benefits, halotherapy can help to alleviate skin conditions, calm the nervous system and enhance immune function In addition to feeling like a healing oasis, the salt creates a sterile environment because it is naturally antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. The salt room is also safe for those with high blood pressure since the salt is inhaled rather than ingested. The advantages of halotherapy are multiplied when combined with a therapeutic massage. Our talented massage therapist Gigi provides a healing touch with massage inside the Petite Salt Suite on Mondays here at Fusion Therapy.  


Clients have the option to enjoy 60 or 90 minutes of bliss, and scheduling is flexible. To book an appointment, call 941-921-7900 or visit  

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