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Tuning Forks, Biomagnetism, Immune Support and More at the Healing Room

Supporting your immune function has never been more crucial or relevant than it is right now in the pandemic. Stress, toxicity, malnourishment, EMF or Dirty Electricity overload, imbalanced emotions, drug or alcohol use, pharmaceuticals, acid or alkaline imbalances, and inconsistent breathing habits can all contribute to weak immune health.  

One modality to help boost immunity is called Biomagnetism. During these sessions, we place high-field North and South Pole seeking magnets on the body. These magnets support pH balance in the body to restore homeostasis, so the body can heal itself. The book Biomag Healing 101 by James W. Lee is an excellent resource on this healing protocol.  

A sound healing Bio-field tuning fork is another unique modality to balance emotions, reduce stress levels and support immune function . A Bio-field is a biological electromagnetic field which all living creatures have both in and around them. This is kind of like a blueprint for cell renewal, and memories like traumas or unprocessed emotions are stored in this field which can cause a host of problems. Bio-field tuning clears this egg-shaped area with sound frequency. Less noise in the energy field will manifest less noise in the troubled individual.  

If you have any questions about these modalities, please contact Beata Molnar, an energy healer in Sarasota. Molnar operates the Healing Room where she also offers Biofeedback evaluation, PEMF sessions, Red Light therapy, Rife Frequency applications and Energy Healing, in-person and virtually. Her biofeedback evaluation can help you paint a picture of your well-being in order to create healthy, practical habits. 


Location: Healing Room, Aaron Ct., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-586-9539 or visit 




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