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The Brain Wave Center Introduces its new Neuro Diagnostic Testing and Therapy Clinic

We are launching our new Diagnostic Testing and Therapy Clinic, based on two separate needs expressed by charity organizations we work with and our own client base. The diagnostic part of the clinic evolved from requests from partners such as Easterseals and The Florida Center for Early Childhood in response to their backlog of children who require assessments such as ADOS (spectrum disorder) and general attention deficient.  

Since we already had two Doctors of Psychology working with us, it just made sense to help reduce this backlog and help more children and families access the care they need and deserve. Our team incorporates proven testing and assessment methods backed by qEEG Brain Map analysis to detect underlying issues and identify appropriate therapies. 

We are opening the therapy side of the clinic based on our own experience and peer-reviewed studies, which through advances in applied neuroscience (specifically, neurofeedback, along with evidence-based models of psychotherapy), we often see superior results.  At The Brain Wave Center, we will offer psychotherapy services either alone or in combination with neurofeedback training sessions.  

Our goal is to achieve breakthrough results.  As people become aware that it’s possible to experience healthier, more fulfilling lives, the stigma of mental health treatment has started to fade. At The Brain Wave Center, we seek to assist people improve their emotional well-being. From coaching or mentoring, to more serious mental health conditions, to traumatic brain injury, The Brain Wave Center has the professional experience and technology to assist you in both the diagnosis and intervention. 


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