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The Importance of Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is one of the key molecules produced in the human body. It has a significant role in both the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Nitric Oxide is made and stored in the lining of blood vessels. Unfortunately, the aging process will cause this molecule to decline by around 20 percent every 10 years.  

Nitric Oxide is also key for maintaining a healthy immune system, mitochondrial function and energy levels. Here is a list of symptoms that might indicate you are low in Nitric Oxide: fatigue, high blood pressure, mood disorders, sleep issues, loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, lack of energy, memory issues, poor lung function or weak bones. Fortunately, there are methods to slow this decline and raise Nitric Oxide levels.  

It is important to stop using mouthwash or fluoride toothpaste, as these kill natural bacteria in the mouth and decrease Nitric Oxide production. It’s interesting to note that men who cannot produce Nitric Oxide often complain about their ED medications because they do not work. These pills need Nitric Oxide to do their job.  

Eating leafy vegetables, beets, radishes and dark chocolate, as well as taking COQ10 enzymes is also helpful. Cigarettes, aspirin and statin drugs block Nitric Oxide production. Exercise also boosts Nitric Oxide levels, and many studies have proven that nasal breathing will also boost this important molecule. Spending more time in the sun will also raise levels. Two books discuss this important information in more detail: Humming Effect by Jonathan Goldman and The Nitric Oxide Solution by Nathan Bryan.  

If you want to try a Biofeedback Evaluation for a glimpse into your brain balance and Nitric Oxide levels, please contact Beata Molnar, Energy Healer at the Healing Room in Sarasota. Molnar offers PEMF sessions, energy healing, red light therapy, sound healing, bio-field tuning and bio-magnet treatments.  


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