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Letter From Publisher December 2021

I don’t know about you, but it feels almost impossible for me to wrap my brain around the reality that we’re in the final month of 2021! With the holiday festivities in full-swing and year two of the pandemic coming to a close, there is much to celebrate this month, so our December issue is here to help all of us lean into the glow and vitality this season has to offer. 


To start off the celebratory mood, our feature article is all about “Uplifting Humanity.” After almost two years of feeling isolated from one another, this is the perfect time to (safely) heal ourselves and restore our connections within the holistic framework of community. When small circles of participants gather to share their experiences, learn from the collective group wisdom, hold space for each other’s vulnerability, find creative solutions to cultural or social problems, and mentor one another’s growth, it becomes a powerful vessel for healing and wholeness. In a period of so much division, being intentional about the relationships and communities we are part of feels more meaningful than ever.  


On the topic of healing, it’s all too easy to be swept into the frenetic pace of the holidays. This not only can frazzle our nerves, but it can also lead to an unhealthy pattern of overindulgence, as we cope with the mental and emotional pressures this season can bring. But as this month’s “Fit Body” article points out, we can avoid that common pitfall of overindulgence with a few simple strategies to restore our “Holiday Zen.” Five-minute bursts of dancing and other playful exercises, foods such as berries or walnuts to boost dopamine and serotonin levels, conscious breathwork and meditation practices, and other mindful activities can help us maintain balance, no matter how hectic our schedules are this month.         


Of course, we can’t talk about the holidays without mentioning food, but while sugary treats are part our classic seasonal traditions, they do not make us feel merry and bright once the New Year rolls around. Sugar increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease, ruins our teeth, and might even contribute to poor mental health outcomes. That’s why our “Conscious Eating” article offers practical solutions for a “Low-Sugar Holiday.” Along with some easy, accessible tips to curb those sweet tooth cravings, this article also comes with a few healthy recipes for baklava cookie cups, baked apples, dark chocolate bark and honey lavender cookies, so you can still enjoy dessert without compromising wellness. 


Hopefully, we have wet your appetite with just this small taste of what you’ll find in our December issue. On behalf of the whole team here at Natural Awakenings, we wish you all a beautiful, vibrant holiday season—and we’ll see you right back here next month to usher in the start of 2022. Be safe, be healed, be well, and be joyful! 


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