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Letter From the Publisher January 2022

Happy New Year! We are so thrilled that you’re back here once again for our first issue of 2022. After a prolonged season of such immense upheaval, we’re ready to move into some exciting transitions and possibilities on the horizon, and we’re sure that you are too. So we invite you to join us as we pull back the curtain on health and wellness trends for the upcoming year. On that note, let’s peek inside what this issue has to offer!  

Our January feature article is chock-full of the latest trends in wellness to keep an eye on during 2022. Think: new plant-based proteins to nourish our bodies, while helping to combat the effects of climate change; wearable fitness trackers that monitor personal biometrics; telemedicine for both physical and mental health care; mindfulness coaching for optimal stress management; and intermittent fasting to enhance metabolic function.   

Next, we’re turning the lens to fitness-specific trends for 2022 in our “Fit Body” article. This year’s focus will be on holistic regimens that combine exercise with nutrition, sleep and mental acuity to maximize overall performance. Exercise technology will take center stage as well, with smart watches and rings, water bottles that track hydration, and resistance bands built into active wear. The fitness industry will also move away from an emphasis on aesthetics, such as toned abdominals, to instead prioritize the wellness benefits of physical activities.   

Finally, as our culture grows more aware of the impact our actions have on the environment, trends in sustainability will be more crucial than ever in 2022. As this month’s “Green Living” article points out, major automakers are now committed to phasing out the production of gas or diesel cars in favor of electric vehicles. Not only are these cars a more eco-conscious option, in the long-term, they can help consumers save on fuel costs due to improvements in battery-pack longevity and a rise in home-based car charger stations. As a result, 2022 could be the year when electric cars become financially accessible and even more sustainable.   

You know the drill, friends: as per usual, this is just a quick glimpse into all the wellness insight and inspiration that awaits you in this issue. We continue to be grateful for your support as members of our Natural Awakenings community, and we are so excited to step into what 2022 has in store for all of us together. Thanks for joining us on the ride!  








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