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Detoxification for the Start of 2022

Detoxification for the Start of 2022  

by Fred Harvey, MD 


Last month, I discussed toxicity and the possible sources of toxic burden in our lives. We explored natural toxins and synthetic toxicants, toxic metals and excessive electromagnetic radiation exposures. We also touched on psychospiritual stresses and physical traumas as further toxic burden. We can reduce this toxic burden and improve our overall function, energy and satisfaction in life with simple action steps towards optimal health.   

           The first step is to develop awareness that you are not functioning as well as you believe could be possible. Once you realize this functionality is not at the level it could be, you can then take the next step toward recovery, which is to explore what you feel through discussion with family, friends and doctors.  

            Fortunately, there are doctors who understand these issues. Functional Medicine is uniquely positioned to help you delve into this complex process. Our goal is to discover why you are ill, so we can stop the damage. Our client history intake process dives deep in order to help guide the search for the root cause.   

                We use unique tools to find toxins and toxicants in partients. Initially, we test for these toxins based on the signs and symptoms discerned from the intake exam. We look for the presence of toxic metals, petrochemical solvents, pesticides and glyphosate. There are specific ways to look for human metabolic toxic byproducts and environmental or food-borne mycotoxins. Once we find these, the next step is eliminating the source, which will depend on which toxins are found. For instance, mercury in tuna fish or pesticides on a peach would each require different elimination plans.  

               We can also take basic steps to support a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Use resources like the “Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen” food lists. Drink only filtered water. Eliminate pesticide and herbicide use in your local environment. Stop eating processed foods from companies like Kellogg, Kraft and Nabisco and all “fast foods” establishments. Reduce intake of most animal products because they are tainted by the same pesticides and herbicides that poison our fruits and vegetables. 

         Keep your smartphone away from both your head and body as much as possible. Use detoxification supports such as Opticleanse GHI, which is designed to support gastrointestinal and liver detoxification. Drainage is another homeopathic remedy to facilitate the elimination of toxins. S-acetyl glutathione is on oral absorbable detoxification support that helps to reduce mercury and petrochemical toxins. High-quality probiotics and prebiotic fiber will help to improve elimination by increasing bowel movement. In addition, remember that water is the universal solvent of biology to flush out the system, so be sure to hydrate.  

                Let’s start this new year with a resolution to cleanse our health. We at the Harvey Center are here to guide your steps on the detox journey to optimal wellness! Contact our office to learn about a simple detox plan, and let’s welcome 2022 in with open arms.  


The Harvey Center for Integrative Medicine is located at 3982 Bee Ridge Road, Suite J, Sarasota. For more information and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Harvey, call 941-929-9355, email [email protected] or visit  





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