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Letter From the Publisher May 2022

Our May issue is always a significant one here at Natural Awakenings because it marks the arrival of Women’s Health Month. From reproductive wellness to parenting dynamics to mental health resilience and more, we are turning our attention to all the various components that influence women’s quality of life. The more you know, the more primed you will be to make informed, intentional decisions about your own well-being (and if you’re not a woman, be sure to pass this issue along to the women you care about). Now let’s dive right in!   

As usual, we are starting with the feature article, and this month’s iteration is not to be missed. We know mothers are real-life superheroes, and our “Resilient Mothering” feature is all about showering moms with the appreciation and acknowledgement they deserve. As a result of this pandemic, mothers have been forced to reimagine what it means to be a parent, friend, employee and partner, while still carving out time for their own self-care. This balancing act has caused nearly 70 percent of mothers to experience an increase in stress, worry or other negative mental health outcomes. But in the midst of these challenges, moms have also summoned the resilience to create new priorities, manage both home and job commitments, keep their families safe, and celebrate pockets of gratitude. They are undeniable inspirations.   

Women have such miraculous bodies with the strength to deliver new life, the fortitude to balance a plate full of responsibilities, and the vitality to continue putting one foot in front of the other. It’s important to nourish that beautiful body with the fuel it needs to perform those incredible feats—but beyond nourishment itself, the timing of meals also plays a role in health and wellness. This month’s “Conscious Eating” article delves into the basics of how to time out your eating habits with a technique called intermittent fasting. Once mostly a religious practice, intermittent fasting has become a more ubiquitous trend in recent years. Whether you practice intermittent fasting for several hours or even days at a time, this strategy improves metabolic function, cholesterol markers and insulin levels. Not to mention, it can be used in conjunction with numerous dietary plans, from vegan to paleo to keto and more.  

Women are the backbone of their families, but no two nuclear unit is alike, and some are restructured from previous unions to blend together and create a new step-family. One in six children live within this complex dynamic, so it’s crucial to maintain a safe, secure environment where they can adapt—and ultimately, thrive. This month’s “Healthy Kids” article pulls back the curtain on how to build a successful step-family with practical, actionable guidance. For example, both partners must work as a team to establish clear disciplinary roles and parenting boundaries with their own biological children, while at the same time, facilitating activities and traditions for everyone to participate in together. Hold space for conversations, prioritize family meals, plan weekend outings, determine how to celebrate holidays or special events. Make the transition as smooth as possible to create a harmonious, stable home.  

We are so honored to embark on this Women’s Health Month with you. The importance of nourishing women’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness cannot be overstated, so whether you are a women or there are special women in your life, we hope this issue will enlighten, inspire, refresh and nurture you from the inside out. We’re also continuing the crossword puzzle challenge this month—look for clues in each article, then head on over to to check your answers. That’s all for now, see you back here in June!  



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