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Letter From Publisher June 2022

It’s no secret how painful these last few years have been for our collective mental, physical and emotional wellness. According to a recent poll from the American Psychological Association, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of both children and adults currently seeking treatment for chronic stress, anxiety, depression, trauma and burnout.   

These issues can impact anyone—no matter their background—but since Father’s Day is right around the corner, we want to turn our attention to the mental health stigma which continues to prevent men from discussing their trauma and taking steps to heal. So join us in this issue as we unpack the intricate, complex dimensions of emotional trauma and societal gender roles, as well as how to overcome barriers that stand in the way of holistic well-being.    

We’ll lead off this important conversation with our feature article, “The Healing of the Modern Man: How Men Redefine their Emotional Power.” For generations, men in Western society have inherited the cultural expectation to always be tough and in control. Male vulnerability has been misrepresented as weakness, causing amplified stress levels and higher rates of addiction or even suicide. However, in recent years, more men have begun to reject these social norms, embrace emotional sensitivity, and access mental health resources to take ownership of their healing. As a result, the stereotypical “tough guy” persona has started to lose its foothold.    

Next on the docket, our “Healing Ways” article explores how innovative emergent therapies offer a new resurgence of hope in trauma recovery. Data shows that two in three Americans have been traumatized at some point in their lives from abuse, illness, accidents, violence, and other forms of personal or societal crisis. Trauma repercussions can be debilitating, but experimental alternative modalities are now being used to successfully restore the fractured sense of self that a traumatic event will often cause. These therapeutic methods treat the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of trauma to nurture wholeness from the inside out.  

Finally, as we celebrate the father figures in our lives this month, it’s crucial to shine a light on the role that fathers, mothers, caregivers and other adult role models have in the mental health and emotional intelligence of our future generations. This month’s “Healthy Kids” article is all about raising children with empathy and compassion. When children are taught to care deeply for others, as well as to be kind to themselves, studies show they will be less prone to bullying and more suited to collaborative, prosocial, healthy relationships. They will also be more likely to thrive in both academic and professional settings. When we instill compassion in our kids, we plant the seeds to make this world a more beautiful, loving place.   

As usual, I want to thank you for the continued investment and participation in our Natural Awakenings community. Your support means the world to us, and we hope that you find a wealth of nourishment for your mind, soul and body within these pages. For more interactive fun, be sure to take part in our monthly crossword puzzle challenge as well. The clues are in each article, and I’ll post the answers on—I invite you to play along! 





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