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Letter From the Publisher July 2022

As these glorious summer months continue in all their warmth and sunshine, we look ahead with excitement to all that July has to offer. Think: afternoons at the beach, evening cookouts on the patio, and for many of us, the first vacations we’ll take since this pandemic began. It’s a beautiful time of year that just begs to be celebrated with vibrant seasonal foods, recreational outdoor activities and the natural glow of holistic wellness rituals. We’re talking all that and more in this month’s Natural Awakenings issue, so let’s jump right in!  

To start off, our feature article for this issue will explore the healthy food movement which reached new heights in the midst of COVID-19—and shows no indication of tapering off anytime soon. We’ll dive into how pandemic-era trends are continuing to influence nutritious, sustainable food systems across communities nationwide. As farmer’s markets and other local suppliers rebound this year, natural and organic foods are quickly outpacing conventional, packaged items. This has even sparked a food-equity movement to ensure that healthy eating is accessible in as many neighborhoods as possible around the country.   

Next, we cannot talk about summer without discussing how to soak in all that sunny Vitamin D—without harming our skin in the process. This month’s “Healing Ways” article is all about how to nourish a radiant summer glow, while maintaining optimal health. Many sunscreen and cosmetic products contain toxic ingredients which can result in hormone imbalances or allergic reactions and, in some cases, even increase the risk of cancer. However, this article will teach us how to be informed consumers who know which ingredients to steer clear of and which natural alternatives to seek out (shea butter and essential oils, for instance).        

Finally, there is no season more perfectly suited to the Great Outdoors than summertime, and our “Fit Body” column for this issue is chock-full of enjoyable, creative ideas to exercise in nature. From a bike ride near the ocean, to a yoga flow in the park to a canoe trip on the river—or even throwing it back to the rollerblade craze that’s re-gained momentum this year—the options are virtually endless. So take advantage of the balmy temperatures and swap out the gym for an outdoor sweat session instead. After all, research shows that fresh air exercise amplifies the sense of revitalization and stress relief you’ll feel post-workout.   

Once again, I also welcome you to participate in our crossword puzzle challenge. Look for clues in each article, then check your answers on In the meantime, whatever the month has in store for you—from Fourth of July block parties, to family vacations and reunions, to beach or poolside relaxation—I hope this issue fills you with inspiration to make this summer memorable. That’s all for now, so I will see you back here in August! 


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