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Letter From the Publisher August 2022

As the relaxing months of summer transition into another busy back-to-school season, we need all the energy we can muster right now. Our schedules are becoming more hectic which, if we’re not careful, can send our stress levels through the roof. Fortunately, this issue of Natural Awakenings is chock-full of inspiration for cultivating the mindfulness and self-empowerment to thrive—no matter how many commitments we’re balancing this time of year.  

Of course, we can’t discuss back-to-school season without focusing on those who shoulder the brunt of this busyness: our children. As the next generation continues to enter a world fraught with so much division, it’s crucial for both their educational and home environments to instill confidence, resilience, and other holistic life skills. And that’s what our feature article on “Raising a Well-Rounded Child” is all about. From artistic and cultural explorations, to social enrichment, to healthy eating habits, to meditation practices, to connecting with nature, there are many tools available to nurture a child’s physical, mental and spiritual growth.   

 You might wonder how to reinforce that confidence and resilience in your children without creating a sense entitlement or attaching their self-worth to performance and achievement. Our “Healthy Kids” article for this month talks about how to mindfully praise children for their continual efforts, integrity, character and learning experiences, rather than simply rewarding them for external success. Instead of showing material accolades on them, offer sincere words of affirmation spoken directly from the heart. This will be impactful and meaningful to a child because it communicates that who they are matters so more than what they do. 

 Finally, as this hectic season ramps into full-gear, anxiety levels can start to escalate too. But our “Healing Ways” article has an effective and inexpensive solution: essential oils. Used in holistic wellness practices for thousands of years, research shows that essential oils release calming neurochemicals in the nerve centers of the brain to soothe anxiety, stress and other heightened emotional states. Various methods of application can be used—inhaling them from the bottle, diffusing them in the atmosphere or topically rubbing them onto your skin, to name a few options. Our top essential oil choices for anxiety or stress relief include bergamot, frankincense, clary sage, lavender, lemon balm, neroli, rose and ylang-ylang. 

 As usual, I invite you to participate in our crossword puzzle challenge in this month’s issue. Search for clues within each article, then once you’re finished, the answers can be found on It’s a fun way to de-stress in the midst of this whirlwind season. That’s all for me—so here’s wishing you mindfulness, wellness, balance and empowerment! 

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