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The Best Time to Take Your Daily Probiotic

If you’ve ever heard anyone talking about “good bacteria,” it’s likely they were talking about probiotics. Probiotics are live microorganisms found in fermented foods or drinks like yogurt, kombucha, and kimchi, but are most readily taken as a nutritional supplement.  
Probiotics provide key health benefits, including supporting the gut’s microbiome, as well as supporting the body’s immune system by regulating nutrient absorption. Since there are several different types of probiotics, it’s a good idea to talk to a doctor about which strain, or strains, are the most beneficial for your body.  

The time of day you take probiotics is also essential to ensuring they actually work, since they don’t stick around in your system for very long—after just one bowel movement, they could be eliminated. That’s why probiotic supplements should be taken at night, before bedtime. While sleeping, the body enters into a state of rest so digestion can take place, allowing the probiotic to have enough time to multiply and become integrated into your gut biome.   

The Professional Supplement Center is now offering a variety of high-quality probiotics including Ortho Molecular, Douglas Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Xymogen, Klaire Labs, Garden of Life and Microbiome Labs, to name a few.  

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