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Address ADHD Immediately to Prevent a Lifetime of Misery

By the BrainWave Center Team 

Over 6.4 million American children between the ages of four to 17 have been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  

Two out of three children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD will exhibit co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, depression, autism or behavioral problems. Childhood or teen ADD/ADHD has also been associated with low self-esteem, poor academic performance, poor interpersonal skills and substance abuse issues that can persist well into adult years. 

Neurofeedback, however, is a successful breakthrough treatment for ADD/ADHD. If your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or experiences its symptoms, and you are looking to avoid the use of pharmaceutical medication, The BrainWave Center’s ADD/ADHD treatment modality—qEEG neurofeedback—has demonstrated considerable success with treating ADD/ADHD in adults, teens and children.   

Brain Mapping or Quantitative Electroencephalogram (qEEG)  

Brain mapping, or qEEG, measures brain electrical activity in a similar way that an EKG measures our heart’s electrical activity. A Brain Map is a useful tool to help identify areas of the brain that may be dysregulated, or operating at speeds that are either too fast or too slow.  

By looking at the patterns where the brain might not be operating properly, we can determine the underlying cause of various symptoms that are commonly found with ADD/ADHD.   

The Triad of Healing ADD/ADHD 

At The BrainWave Center, our core triad for improving the lives of those with ADD/ADHD is neuropsychological assessment, nutrition and neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a revolutionary technology that can safely adjust brainwaves to their proper speed, which can then reduce or eliminate the symptoms associated with attention deficits, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks and many other common symptoms associated with brain health.  

Neurofeedback is a method of brain training that enables the brain to function more effectively.  It is painless, non-invasive, uses no drugs and can be expertly and easily performed in our Sarasota office. 

ADD/ADHD Diagnosis and Advanced Treatment  

Accurately diagnosing ADD/ADHD is an in-depth and complex process. These conditions cannot be diagnosed with a physical exam or a lab test, such as a blood test or simple brain scan, alone. Instead, healthcare professionals use a sophisticated evaluation process to diagnose ADD/ADHD. 

The BrainWave Center has developed a new comprehensive assessment program to identify or to verify the possibility of ADD/ADHD. This program combines standard tests and rating scales typically used to detect the presence of ADHD, but also adds electrophysiologic measures (qEEG) to validate the findings and identify other potential problems.  

The program includes a Clinical Review, Parent Questionnaire, Parent and Teacher Rating Scales, Psychometric Test Data, and Electrophysiological Measures (qEEG or Brain Map.) We also investigate sleep issues, diet including food allergies and digestion issues and other potential causes of ADD/ADHD. A physical exam and laboratory testing may take place to rule out medical conditions that can mimic ADHD symptoms, such as thyroid issues. 

Subtype Patterns of ADD/ADHD 

In individuals with attention deficits, we see distinct brain map patterns that help us determine which subtype pattern(s) are associated with your diagnosis. Since other conditions like anxiety may look a lot like ADD/ADHD, a Brain Map is often very useful to confirm the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD and identify the correct treatment protocol, as it allows us to determine exactly what is taking place and how to best address any imbalances or dysregulation.  

Comprehensive Treatment Programs 

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, the next step is to assist families in developing an intervention program. It’s important to note that some combination of medical and non-medical interventions may be the best approach to managing ADD/ADHD for some individuals. [Text Wrapping Break][Text Wrapping Break]At the BrainWave Center, we specialize in non-drug approaches to addressing ADD/ADHD. Our comprehensive ADD/ADHD assessment includes Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, psychotherapy, nutrition counseling and sophisticated laboratory testing to identify the underlying causes of you or your child’s ADD/ADHD.  

For more information, or to schedule a free introductory consultation, call 941-552-4500 or visit or  






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