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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

"High Vibe & Vegan" Online Course by Yoga Premananda

Local energy healer Yoga Premananda, (that's her real name), helps people safely become fully or partially vegan in order to heal physical challenges and raise their vibration. She closes the gap on the common pitfalls most people experience when trying to become more plant based. Yoga talks about how many doctors today are recommending to their patients to go more plant based to heal heart related issues, deal with weight loss and other ailments.  

Yoga received multiple credentials over the past two decades including Tao Healing Hands, Results Healing Master (RHM), and Nirahara Samyama. She trained with His Divine Holiness (HDH) Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, Master Sio, an authentic Kahuna Healer and Qi Gong Master, and attended The Omega Institute where she studied with the author of the legendary book, Many Lives Many Masters, Brian Weiss.    

The High Vibe & Vegan online course was directly inspired by her 16 years being plant based and the quantum energy healing she practices with clients. She moved to Sarasota from Los Angeles in January 2022, opened her office in downtown Sarasota, as well as sees clients on Zoom.     

Yoga combines custom detox, quantum energy healing and an all or mostly plant based lifestyle for her clients while she's guiding them to achieve holistic results. According to client testimonials on her Youtube Channel and website, "Yoga effectively combines her intuitive gifts with natural healing modalities to provide a safe yet advanced setting where clients can transform."  You can see more details, testimonials and how to work with her on her site: 

For more information, contact Yoga Premananda at 727-251-0815 or visit Follow along on Instagram @YogaPremananda, YouTube,  Facebook and Linkedin @YogaPremananda.  


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