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Do You Have a Leaky Brain?

When the blood-brain barrier is broken down, it becomes “leaky.” In other words, harmful substances can enter the brain. If we look at all the factors that cause this permeability, we can see that it’s a common problem.  

Some of the factors we need to monitor in order to maintain a healthy brain include stress, systemic inflammation, head trauma, vaccine injury, poor sleep, elevated glucose, heavy metals, chronic infections, poor diet, leaky gut and a sedentary lifestyle.  

One of the most harmful substances for the brain is gluten. David Perlmutter, MD, has a book this, titled Grain Brain. This book discusses the global brain epidemic caused by our diets. Some of the solutions to facilitate healing include stress management, full detox, nootropics, mental stimulation, exercise, anti-inflammatory diets and less toxic exposure.  

These are some indicators of a leaky brain: depression, brain fog, anxiety, headaches, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ADHD and various psychological diseases. According to statistics, about 20 percent of Americans suffer from some kind of mental illness. So what can you do to diagnose if you have one of these conditions?  

You can order a lab test for S100-B for markers or a full comprehensive Biofeedback Evaluation. This will provide you with map of your wellness including an energetic brain scan. For a Biofeedback Evaluation, please contact Beata Molnar, owner of the Healing Room in Sarasota. In addition to Biofeedback Evaluations, she also performs Energy Healing, PEMF, Red Light Therapy, Sound Tuning, and Frequency Applications with plasma tubes.  


Location: Healing Room, Aaron Ct., Sarasota. For more information, call 941-586-9539 or visit 



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