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Letter From the Publisher December 2022

Hello again, readers! Here we are, standing at the finish line of 2022, celebrating this holiday season with those we love most, and starting to look ahead to the possibilities of 2023. I am so thrilled that you continue to turn to Natural Awakenings for wellness and inspiration in the midst of life’s hectic pace. Our theme for the month is “Uplifting Humanity,” so without further ado, let’s peek inside the last issue of this year!  

Our feature article this month dives right in with “Together Thinking: Meaningful Conversations that Can Transform Our World.” In these turbulent times, we are learning to release old norms and create a new societal landscape. In this space of growth, there is so much potential for creative transformation if we work together. We must join to reform our methods of innovation, education, connection and unification. But we also must turn back to the healing wisdom of Indigenous cultures to recover the interconnected nature of all life on this earth. By cultivating a relationship between ancient consciousness and 21st-century progress, we can link arms with each other and raise our collective voices to pursue social change.   

Next, we’ll discuss creating personal balance with “Good Vibrations: The Healing Power of Sound.” For centuries, sound therapies and vibrational energies have been used to facilitate both physical and mental healing. In recent years, these modalities have experienced a resurgence as more of us rediscover the benefits of sound therapy for stress management, pain relief, emotional regulation, mental clarity and focus, trauma release, healthier sleep, metabolic function and well-being as a whole. Moreover, there are numerous varieties of sound therapy to choose from such as Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tuning Forks, Vocal Toning, Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats. This article will explore each of those to help you make an informed decision as to which option feels right to you. With consistent and intentional practice, sound therapy can usher in powerful, cumulative self-healing results.   

Achieving balance in the area of physical wellness is just as crucial as it is for mental and emotional health. But this time of year can feel like a minefield for those of who want to adopt nutritious eating habits. Take the holiday brunch table, for instance: It can be full of indulgent, caloric-heavy classics that will throw you off balance for the rest of the day. But there are alternatives, which is exactly what we’ll talk about in this month’s “Conscious Eating” article. With a few simple modifications, it is possible to serve your brunch guests a healthier spin on their favorite seasonal dishes. This article also features some plant-based recipes such as protein pancakes, cranberry mimosas, shakshuka, and homemade cranberry juice. Not only will these crowd pleasers taste delicious—they’re packed with nutrition too!   

Let’s not forget the importance of uplifting our next generation. When we teach children the value of kindness, compassion and generosity, it’s not just beneficial for the world—it’s equally vital for their well-being too. As our “Healthy Kids” article points out, charitable actions can increase a child’s self-esteem; alleviate depression, anxiety or stress; encourage the release of mood-lifting hormones such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin; and cultivate a sense of connection with others. Patents can nurture this empathetic, generous spirit in their kids by instilling these values in the home, finding volunteer opportunities in the community, and making sure they experience authentic love and acceptance in their own lives.    

Well, that about closes it out for us in 2022. Thank you for the continual support, and we look forward to serving you with more inspirational content in 2023. So from the whole team here at Natural Awakenings, we wish you a festive holiday season, and we’ll be back next month to help you ring in another beautiful New Year!  

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