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Letter From the Publisher January 2023

Can you believe another New Year has arrived? It feels as if 2022 just came and went in the blink of eye. But now that 2023 is here, there is no better time to press the refresh button on our wellness. In fact, that’s exactly what this issue of Natural Awakenings is all about. In our first installment of 2023, we thought it would be helpful to roll back to the basics of health—for ourselves, for our communities and for this planet we call home. So join us as we welcome the New Year with a wellness reset. Let’s have a peek inside!  

We’ll begin with a topic that receives a lot of attention this time of year—nutrition. According to a recent poll from the International Food Information Council, almost 45 percent of Americans base their New Year’s resolution around eating healthier. For many, that means limiting intake of refined sugars, animal products or articifical ingredients, but how can you do this without falling into a mindset of restriction of deprivation? This month’s “Conscious Eating” article can help you answer that question. The solution lies in consuming a colorful, flavorful rainbow of anti-inflammatory foods such as whole grains, lean fish, fruits, vegetables and nuts. The article also offers up a few delicious, nutritious recipes such as a curry chicken salad, an artichoke and spinach Greek omelet and a zucchini pasta with salmon.   

If plant-based eating is more your speed, this month’s “Wise Words” article explores the benefits of making dairy and meat alternatives more accessible— both for health and ethical reasons. In this article, Dr. Milton Mills, a graduate of Stanford University’s School of Medicine, talks about the role of plant-based nutrition in empowering underserved communities. He explains how the elimination of dairy products can help equalize federal nutrition policies in the U.S. and create more racial equity in school lunch programs or other American foodways. He also touches on the moral implications of factory farming, as well as how a vegan diet can create a more positive, symbiotic relationship between humans, animals and the environment. Finally, he offers practice advice to sustain plant-based eating when meat or dairy cravings hit.  

While we’re on the subject of ethical practices, our “Green Living” article for this month is all about making sustainable fashion choices. If you have some leftover holiday cash to spend or your closet is in need of a 2023 refresh, consider making the switch from polyester fabric. This plastic-based textile is a common clothing material because it’s inexpensive to manufacture, but it’s made from petroleum which releases harmful greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere. A few alternative, more sustainable fabrics to look for include lyocell (made from wood cellulose), linen, hemp, organic or recycled cotton, plant-based leather, peace silk or responsibly harvested wool. Of course, the best solution is to reduce your consumption of new garments and continue to wear what you own, but if you do make some clothing purchases this season, donate your old clothes (instead of throwing them out) and shop for ethically-made materials. Purchasing clothes from thrift stores is another smart, eco-conscious option too.   

Of course, we can’t talk about wellness in 2023 without touching on another common New Year’s resolution—exercise. If you want to commit to an active lifestyle, but can't seem to find the motivation to stick with it long-term, an at-home personal trainer could be just what you need. In our “Fit Body” article for this month, we’ll discuss the benefits of an at-home personal trainer to help you achieve those fitness goals. A personal trainer knows how to tailor workouts to your specific needs, objectives and experience level. Not to mention, you’ll be able to access all the accountability and expertise of a gym environment without any of the intimidation. If you’re not sure about the fee of hiring an-home personal trainer, invite a few friends to split the cost with you and rotate the sessions at each other’s houses.      

Well, friends—that about covers it for January. We are so thrilled that you are back for another insightful and inspirational year of Natural Awakenings content. Thank you for allowing us to continue being an active part of your own commitment to health and wellness—it’s an honor to partner with you in this beautiful journey. So cheers to the start of 2023!  



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