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Unleash the Power of Nutrient-Dense Foods with Sustainable and Biodynamic Agriculture

By Dr. Fred Harvey

As a medical director of Functional Medicine Florida, I am passionate about exploring the relationship between food and nutrition. Years ago, a report by John Stossel revealed there is minimal nutritional difference between conventionally grown and organic food. The only main difference is that organic food does not contain herbicide or pesticide residue. 

The real problem lies in the fact that Western monoculture agriculture is unnatural and disrupts the ecosystem. When we grow only one crop on the land and till it, the microbiome of the soil is killed, which is a crucial part of the nutritive property of optimal soil. As a result, nutrients are not readily available to the plants.  

Over time, the land is stripped of nutrients, leading to the erosion of topsoil. This is mainly due to corn, soy and wheat farms that strip the land of its nutrients and microbiome. However, sustainable, biodynamic agriculture works with the ecosystem in order to sustain the soil’s microbiome. It enriches the soil and enhances the topsoil, which results in higher nutrient density foods. Sustainable and biodynamic agriculture is a more effective method to produce high-quality, nutrient-dense foods. 

Even if we eat an organic diet, it might not supply all the micronutrients we need. The trace minerals and vitamins are crucial for running the metabolic systems in our bodies. While plants might not contain the same amount of nutrients as they did in the past, we can supplement our diet with trace minerals and vitamins. I recommend using fully chelated minerals for optimal absorption of these valuable nutrients.  

In addition, activated vitamins are available for use in the metabolism once ingested. The supplements I have researched and recommend in my practice contain these types of minerals and vitamins, all of which are available in Functional Medicine Florida’s online store. 

In addition to supplementing our diet, we should also consider consuming locally grown food from sustainable situations. I have a food forest and vegetable garden on my own property, which is a sustainable source of nutrient-dense food.  

Buying local organic food from local growers will support local organic agriculture and prevent nutrient degradation during transportation. In conclusion, sustainable and biodynamic agriculture is a healthier, more effective way to produce nutrient-dense foods. By supplementing our diet and consuming locally grown food from sustainable sources, we can improve the nutrient density of our diet and support sustainable agricultural practices.   

If you're looking to improve your health and well-being, consider functional medicine. Functional Medicine Florida, led by Dr. Fred Harvey, can help you find the root cause of your health issues and create a personalized plan to improve your health. For more information, 941- 929-9355 or visit To purchase the supplements mentioned in this article, visit 



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