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Letter From Publisher May 2023

Across the United States, May is recognized as National Women’s Healthcare Month, and over here at Natural Awakenings, our theme for this issue also centers around the importance of women’s wellness. From reproductive health and hormonal balance to stress management and natural skincare, we are examining the full spectrum of holistic wellness and longevity from the inside out. So join me for a snapshot of all the valuable insight and practical information this issue has to offer—let’s dive right in.  

Our feature article for this month is titled, “Solving Stress: Holistic Tips from Lifestyle Doctors.” Chronic stress is both a physical and mental health issue, but it can be treated effectively using holistic interventions which take the whole person into account, rather than just focusing on surface-level symptoms. As this article points out, a combination of integrative and functional medicine, along with actionable lifestyle shifts, makes it possible to find the root cause of stress and formulate customizable solutions to improve mental, emotional and physical health.  

Next, we’ll move on to our “Conscious Eating” article which explores the connection between hormonal balance and nutritional intake. Stabilizing your hormones is critical for overall health, whereas potential imbalances can lead to a host of chronic illnesses or other medical concerns such as diabetes, weight fluctuations, thyroid issues, skin problems, mood swings, infertility and persistent fatigue. Many factors can impact your hormones—and the foods you consume are no exception. In this article, you will learn which dietary choices benefit hormone production versus which ingredients can cause imbalances. You’ll find two healthy recipes from OB/GYN and hormonal health expert Dr. Anna Cabeca in there too.  

While we’re on the subject of lifestyle factors and their overarching impact on wellness, we would be remiss not to mention exercise. But while it’s crucial to work out for strong muscles, resilient bones and mobile joints, another (often overlooked) organ also needs some toning—your skin. This month’s “Fit Body” article makes the case for incorporating skin fitness into your normal routine. Exposure to irritants such as ultraviolent rays, pollution, weather extremes or processed ingredients can cause all types of skin conditions. However, with natural interventions and lifestyle modifications, a radiant appearance is within reach.  

You know the drill—this is just a taste of all the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual enlightenment that awaits you inside these pages. As always, I hope that you will come away from this issue with a renewed sense of inspiration for your own wellness journey, and I will see you back here next month as we usher in the summertime.  

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