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Hope for Chronic Pain Relief

Those who suffer from chronic pain might wonder if there is any hope for relief or improvement. This can lead many to opt for narcotics, injections and surgeries. However, it’s possible to alleviate chronic pain without an invasive procedure. Initial pain can be triggered by various factors, but the root cause of chronic pain is rarely that initial trigger.  

Instead, it’s usually the act of compensating for pain that creates dysfunctional movement patterns, which then exacerbate the discomfort. Pain is an alarm that signals a problem. Gas pain hurts, but it dissipates once the gas is relieved. Broken bones are painful, but the pain leaves once they heal. However, repeated compensatory movements lead to one side of the body functioning differently from the other. Over time, this will inevitably cause chronic pain.  

The body only has 206 bones but has over 600 muscles. Muscular compensations made to avoid pain often create muscular asymmetries throughout the whole body. As such, treatment should be holistic, rather than only addressing the area of pain. 

Try standing in front of a mirror to assess any potential biomechanical asymmetries. For example, you might notice the navel is not aligned with the breastbone. Maybe one shoulder is higher than the other, or one foot points outward, while the other foot is straight. Correcting asymmetries is often the key to solving chronic pain. Few medical professionals discuss pain from this angle, but it could be a solution to lasting pain relief.   

Joann Pung, PT, is a chronic pain specialist at Manual Physical Therapy and Concierge Services. For a free assessment, call 941-226-2605 or visit

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