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Invest in Health and Sustainability at Om Body Studios

Om Body Studios is a local company that embodies and exercises ideals of personal health and environmental sustainability. As educators in both yoga and artistic practice, the team strives to offer personalized instruction and exploration in yoga practices and immersive events.  

Om Body Studios also has organic, plant-dyed clothing, body products, cosmetics and paints made by plants. All clothing is hand-crafted with 100% organic, sustainable, eco-conscious fabrics, and each product is created using earth pigments from sources such as plants, flowers, herbs, crystals, stones, clay, metals, nuts and seeds, lichen and mushrooms. 

At Om Body Studios, you can take private yoga classes at any level, from beginner to advanced, at your choice of location (home, the beach, a park, etc.). Or you can schedule a corporate yoga and group event. The studio supplies yoga mats and organic towels. Essential oils can also be incorporated into the practice if you choose. 

Om Body Studios also offers meditative sound baths with crystal singing bowls attuned to each chakra. These sound baths can help to balance energy fields in the body, often leaving participants with a sense of euphoria. 

Om Body Studios is rooted in the belief that the earth provides everything humans need in all creative endeavors. Om Body Studios is a lifestyle brand for anyone looking to find a connection with the earth and to rediscover what has long been lost. From the inside out, this local business cares deeply about human and environmental wellness.  

For more information, call 980-475-0229 or visit  

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