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How Tuning Forks Work in Sound Healing

Sound healing is on the rise, and tuning forks have started to become more mainstream. One reason for this is the influence of Marie Kondo, the tidying expert who has brought much attention to the use of tiny tuning forks to clear spaces. 

There is a vast history of tuning forks and their applications in personal wellness, sound healing, music and the medical profession. Aside from helping to clear the energy of a space, how can tuning forks help enhance your personal well-being? 

Research studies on tuning forks and the production of nitric oxide and brainwave entrainment point to the correlation of tuning fork therapy and the physiological reaction in the body. Sir Peter Guy Manners was likely the original pioneer of using Sound Therapy as a modality of healing. His research led to discovering the specific vibration of each human organ. 

Much like a piano, the human body can fall out of tune. Tuning forks help to restore harmonic resonance and allow the body to enter a relaxed state of homeostasis, ultimately enabling it to heal. If you want to learn how to use these beautiful healing tools for personal or professional use, join the OM Shoppe and Spa for a full two-day immersion course.   

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