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Life Spectrum Institute Offers CEs for Florida LMTs

Renewal time has arrived for Florida LMTs. Life Spectrum Institute offers both digital home study and live, hands-on courses for CE credits. Registration is now open for discerning, experienced therapists who are looking to take their practice to the next level. 

Autonomic Fascial Integration provides 16 live, in-person CE credits. Instructor Juliet Mathison invites students to explore leading edge concepts in whole-system biomechanics. Students will discover the dynamics of the tensegrity matrix and learn to release trapped trauma from the global fascial network. The work is unique, innovative and not found elsewhere. 

Autonomic Fascial Integration is a multifaceted approach to the release of contractive holding patterns in the connective tissue. This gentle, non-invasive method can facilitate a recalibration of the autonomic nervous system, resulting in lowered levels of stress and creating a positive feedback loop to maximize therapeutic outcomes. The approach is grounded in the context of the tensegrity matrix model of human biomechanics, a concept at the leading edge of scientific research in the neurobiology of fascial plasticity. Live courses will be offered in Orlando on June 17–18, Sarasota on July 8–9 and Miami on July 29–30.  

Additionally, Life Spectrum Institute also offers Psycho-Emotional Functions of the Meridians, a digital home study course that can be taken anytime providing 2.5 CE credits. This course explores the inherent interconnectedness of physical and emotional well-being, known to Western medical science as psychoneuroimmunology. Within the Oriental model, we find a sophisticated system of body psychology that allows for precise specificity in identifying patterns of imbalance in both the body and emotions. This course provides the practitioner with comprehensive meridian therapy protocols to reduce stress and support well-being by facilitating physiological and psycho-emotional balance.  


For more information and to register for these courses, visit Life Spectrum Institute is an NCBTMB (#1000129) approved provider and Florida Board of Massage Therapy (#50-25165) approved provider.  

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