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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Letter From Publisher July 2023

Just like that, summer is in full-swing, and we are halfway through 2023! I am so honored to have you join me again for another wellness-packed issue of Natural Awakenings. This month, it’s all about regenerative agriculture and the impact of food quality on our bodies’ digestive microbiomes. Summertime is known for vibrant seasonal produce, smoky charred BBQ and fresh, crisp flavors that lend themselves to a neighborhood cookout. So before you fire up the grill, let’s discuss how to make this summer both delicious and nutritious.  

Our feature article for this month is titled, “From Ground to Gut: Exploring the Link Between Two Microbiomes.” Your gut biome contains more than 1,000 beneficial species of bacteria that help you digest food, convert it into energy, extract the vital nutrients, and protect the body from illness. Likewise, the soil biome (where food is grown) also contains essential bacteria and other microorganisms that help sustain all life on this planet. In order to ensure optimal health, both the gut and soil biomes must be cared for, so it’s important to know where your food comes from. Is it cultivated with regenerative, sustainable practices? Do the farmers use robust, biodiverse, organic soil? Do they abstain from chemical pesticides, fertilizers or harmful pathogens? This article dives into all those questions and more.    

We’ve talked about this several times, but it always bears repeating: plant-based nutrition is one of the most effective ways to optimize your health. In this month’s “Conscious Eating” article, we will examine the various benefits of filling your plate with an entire rainbow of in-season fruits and vegetables. A full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols and carotenoids make the color, flavor, texture and aroma of these foods absolutely irresistible. Not to mention, you’ll feel more vibrant and energetic from the inside out. This is how peak summer eating is supposed to taste.  

If you are on the hunt for an outdoor summer activity that offers wholesome fun for the entire family, our “Green Living” article has you covered all season long—and it starts in your own backyard. This is the ideal time of year to plant a regenerative garden. With nutrient-rich soil, native landscape and sustainable irrigation techniques, you’ll contribute to preserving the local ecosystem which, in turn, can help reduce the effects of climate change. You can even recruit the kids to join in while they’re off school for the summer, and if you do not have a backyard, that’s no problem either. Many plants thrive in contained spaces like balconies, patios or windowsills. This might seem like a small action, but it has a major impact.  

As always, thanks for allowing us to be part of your unique wellness journey. I hope this issue fills you with pure enlightenment and sheer enjoyment as these summer months continue to unfold. I will see you back here in August, and I wish you all of the warm abundance that July has to offer. Until next time, dear readers!  

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