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Letter From Publisher September 2023

As we transition from summer into fall and start looking ahead to these final months of 2023, it feels like the perfect time for a refresh. Taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual health is always beneficial, but it’s even more important as we enter a busy new season. Here at Natural Awakenings, we want to fill you with wellness enrichment and inspiration year-round. This month’s issue is no different, so join me for a peek inside!  

One way to refresh the senses and re-center the soul is through travel. This month’s feature article, “Sacred Sites,” explores the connection between traveling and spiritual transformation. From ancient times, pilgrims have journeyed all across the globe to destinations known for their metaphysical, religious or historical merits. Even today, these experiences can still offer unique insights into other cultures or worldviews, while also nurturing adventure, self-care, personal growth and a fresh new spark of imagination.   

September is National Yoga Month, so we would be remiss not to pay tribute to this holistic healing practice. Your daily wellness routine might incorporate an asana flow, but what about when you step outside those normal rhythms of life? This month’s “Fit Body” article dives into the benefits of yoga techniques as part of a travel itinerary. Whether that means doing a conscious breathwork exercise on the plane or unrolling your mat in the hotel room, yoga can help cultivate a sense of inner peace, while combating potential stressors or anxieties, so you can embrace both the journey and the destination.  

No matter where you are or what activities fill your schedule this time of year, it’s crucial to make nutrition a priority. Our “Conscious Eating” article for this month is all about approaching meals with mindfulness. When you slow down to notice the various aromas, flavors and textures in the food you consume, it becomes a meditative experience. Plus, with all the autumn produce available now at local farmer’s markets and grocery stores, there’s no shortage of fresh, colorful, seasonal ingredients to work into your meal rotation.  

As per usual, this only begins to scratch the surface of all the enlightenment and inspiration you’ll find within these pages. I hope you take some time to refresh and rejuvenate this month, and I will see you back here in October to continue our wellness conversation!  



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