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Unveiling the Hidden Link Between Old Injuries and Chronic Pain

Have you ever found yourself blaming that tumble from years ago for the persistent pain you're experiencing today? It’s a common narrative: an old injury is often the culprit you point to when dealing with chronic pain. However, sometimes the root cause might not be the injury itself, but rather how the body adapted during the healing process? 

Think back to the days when you were recovering from that injury. Remember how you limped or altered your movements to avoid the pain? These compensatory habits are the body’s method of coping. But here’s the twist: once the injury heals, these habits can linger and cause a domino effect that results in chronic pain. 

Imagine a puzzle where each piece represents a muscle or movement pattern. When you’re injured, some pieces shift to protect the injured area. Once the injury is gone, these pieces might not find their way back to their original places, leaving you with an uneven puzzle. 

The positive news is there’s hope for relief. Instead of just focusing on the site of the old injury, a holistic approach aims to address the entire puzzle. It starts with gentle stretching. Picture it as a reset button. Stretching will gradually ease those puzzle pieces back to their rightful places, allowing the body to move naturally and without pain. 

The goal isn’t just pain relief, but a return to the active lifestyle you have been missing. When you understand that chronic pain could be a result of the body’s adaptations in the healing process, you can take charge of your own well-being. 

In the journey toward a pain-free life, remember: it’s not always the injury haunting you, but how the body learns to dance around it. With a holistic mindset, you can rediscover the joy of pain-free movement and a life well-lived.  

Joann Pung, PT, is a chronic pain specialist at Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge services. Location: 5207 26th St. W, Suite 102, Bradenton. For more information and a free assessment, call 941-226-2605 or visit 

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