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Rethinking Fibromyalgia: A New Perspective on Easing Muscle Pain

Imagine each day begins with relentless muscle pain that just won't let up. That's the daily struggle for those grappling with fibromyalgia—a seemingly never-ending cycle of pain. But what if we've been missing a crucial piece of the puzzle all along?  

Let's break down the word “fibromyalgia.” “Fibro” links to fibrous tissue or fascia, “my” refers to muscles, and “algia” means pain. In simpler terms, it boils down to muscle pain. With over 600 muscles and the fascia, our connective tissue, loaded with six times more sensory nerves than muscles, it’s reasonable to suspect them as the likely culprits.  

Most people diagnosed with fibromyalgia fall between 30 to 50 years old. At this age, scans often don't reveal arthritis or wear-and-tear issues, leaving fibromyalgia as the default diagnosis when no clear cause is evident.  

Traditionally, the approach has been about managing the pain because a complete cure has proven elusive. But let’s challenge this approach. Imagine wearing a twisted-up shirt all day—it's uncomfortable, restricting movement and causing discomfort. Now, envision untangling that mess, freeing up your movements and feeling the relief. Apply this concept to untwisting twisted fascia, and suddenly hope for a better quality of life emerges.  

Can we break free from the chains of fibromyalgia pain by untangling the fascia and restoring muscle symmetry? The idea might sound too good to be true for those struggling with this relentless condition. Fibromyalgia often feels like an uphill battle with no end in sight, leaving many skeptical about potential solutions. But when faced with a diagnosis that offers little hope and a life sentence of pain, isn't it worth diving into new possibilities? After all, what do we have to lose?  

Joann Pung, PT, is a chronic pain specialist at Manual Physical Therapy & Concierge services. For more information and a free assessment, call 941-226-2605 or visit Location: 5207 26th St. W, Suite 102, Bradenton. 


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