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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Hair & Earth Organic Salon- Where Health and Safety are a Priority

It’s often something right under your nose affecting your health, something overlooked.  We search and search for what might be causing us to not feel well without realizing it could be something so routine and so seemingly harmless we’ve missed its potential danger. For many of us, these products are actually right above our nose - on top of our heads even!

It matters what we put on and in our bodies.  Our health, short and long term, depends on the choices we make. This includes products to beautify and keep us looking the way we feel comfortable and confident.

Most professional hair coloring products include toxic ingredients that really should never touch our bodies. Ingredients that, in some countries, have been banned. Due to constant use, salons can contain airborne chemicals exposing us to toxins that don’t even have to be placed directly on the skin. Cancer statistics are high among stylists for a reason.

Hair & Earth Organic Salon offers a holistic, clean salon experience where health and safety – are priority, for myself and my customers. Not only that but the products work, the results are true to desired color and improve the condition of the hair.

Call or text Erinn for an appointment or consultation. Experience something different. Be sensitive to your body - without sacrificing your satisfaction with the outcome. Simple changes to our daily routine can have profound effects on how we feel right now as well as our long-term quality of life.

Location: Hair & Earth Organic Salon, 200 Central Ave. Ste. 18, Sarasota. For more information or to book an appointment, call 941-284-9563 or visit

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