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Finding Happiness: A Journey to Wellness

by Dr. Fred Harvey, Medical Director of Functional Medicine Florida  

Even in the most difficult circumstances, happiness is a state of being within reach. This feeling of pleasure and contentment is a pursuit endorsed by our nation’s Declaration of Independence. However, achieving that elusive state often seems like a distant dream. Happiness is not guaranteed—it's an experience we must actively cultivate from within.  

The Misconception of Pursuing Happiness 

The pursuit of happiness can often become a paradox. We often see happiness as a goal to be achieved, rather than as a state of being we must nurture. This misconception can lead us into a continuous loop of chasing after a sensation that, in reality, lies within us.  

The Heart of Happiness 

Happiness is an inside job that begins in the heart. It emanates from love, the core of all positive emotions. However, external factors like stress, fear and anxiety can overshadow this inner peace. It’s essential to reconnect with our inner selves to rediscover happiness.  

Breathing Techniques for Inner Peace 

One effective method for finding inner peace is through breathwork. Here’s a simple technique to practice this: It’s called the “square breath” method. Inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale out for four seconds, and then hold your breath again for another four seconds. This pattern, repeated over 20 rounds, can enhance your sense of peace.  

Promoting World Peace through Individual Wellnes

So often, the pursuit of world peace in a macro sense has to start with individual wellness at the micro level. Peace is a byproduct of both forgiveness and understanding, which makes it fundamental for a harmonious world. As we embrace this season of sharing, let’s nurture peace within ourselves to foster a kinder, more compassionate world.  

Start Your Own Path to Wellness this Season 

Happiness is not a distant dream—it’s a state of being that all of us can experience through self-awareness and wellness practices. Discover your own unique journey to inner peace and happiness as another new year unfolds on the horizon.  

Experience the life-changing difference that functional medicine can make for your life by discovering the root cause of your health issues by calling Dr. Harvey’s office, Functional Medicine Florida, at 941-929-9355.  

Dr. Fred Harvey is the Medical Director of Functional Medicine Florida. He is quadruple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Functional Medicine and Holistic-Integrative Medicine, specializing in chronic illness recovery, prevention and defiant aging. For more information, visit 

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