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Have Yourself a High Vibrational Holiday: Q&A with Wild Ginger Apothecary

by Mary-Elizabeth Schurrer  

With the festive atmosphere of this holiday season back in full-swing and the promise of another New Year shining on the horizon, there’s no better time to balance and replenish your energetic reserves. Storm Tentler is someone who knows firsthand just how important high vibrational energies can be—and as the owner of Wild Ginger Apothecary, she’s on a mission to spread those vibrations throughout Sarasota. In this last Community Spotlight of 2023, it was a joy to hear Storm Tentler speak from the heart and to share our conversation with you.  

Natural Awakenings: What was your motivation to assume the ownership role at Wild Ginger Apothecary, and what have been the most rewarding parts of this journey so far?   

Storm Tentler: I first moved to Sarasota on the heels of a transformative time in my own personal life after being immersed in a holistic health journey with my children. I made so many changes and learned so many lessons that benefited our family’s energetic wellness, and I felt called to share that offering with others.  

I began to explore the Sarasota community to check out local businesses that inspired me to identify what was missing—and what I could potentially create to fill in those gaps. I intentionally visited Wild Ginger, and when I walked in, I immediately knew that somehow it was inexplicably linked to my life. In this exact moment, it became clear that instead of reinventing the wheel, the place I was looking for already existed.  

Of course, it was not for sale at the time, so I focused on planting roots and creating a foundation in our new home. However, about six years later, once my youngest children reached school age, I felt that same higher pull to step back into my passion for holistic wellness. I knew a real estate business broker, who called me to ask if I was interested in looking at a business that had just been listed on the market, and I answered, “Only if it’s Wild Ginger Apothecary.” She laughed and, shortly thereafter, confirmed that it was.  

After I hung up the phone, my husband looked over at me in amazement that I had, in fact, managed to manifest this business into our lives. To say that Wild Ginger has given me a piece of my soul back would be an understatement. To authentically show up in service to this community on a daily basis is the most incredible blessing I could ever imagine. 

The wonderful team of women I work with, the teachers we are honored to host, and the integration we hold space for continually inspire me. I am humbled that something, which so deeply nurtures my soul, has manifested itself into my life.   

NA: How does Wild Ginger Apothecary serve the local community and contribute to the holistic wellness of Southwest Florida residents on a daily basis?  

Tentler: We pride ourselves on being a place for everyone to come—not only for their physical and mental health, but also for their soul health. Because we humans are complex, multi-faceted beings, holistic wellness requires a whole-istic approach on all levels.  

Wild Ginger isn’t just somewhere to shop or attend a class. We do offer those services, but our highest aim is to hold space for those who walk through our doors to be fully seen right where they are in their wellness journeys, as well as given the tools to explore their desires for the future. As the owner (and in many regards, a tone-setter) of this business, I am passionate about offering each person who visits Wild Ginger a uniquely curated experience that will benefit all facets of their health and well-being.  

This is an environment to fill your cup, however that looks for you—whether it’s coming to browse and savor our complimentary tea, experience a reading or healing session, attend a class, or access our holistic products like CBD, essential oils and supplements.  

NA: You describe Wild Ginger as a “high vibration bohemian boutique.” What does this mean to you, and how do you see it impact those who come into the space?  

Tentler: To me, “high vibration” means being open to a variety of beliefs, practices or modalities, then offering them in a buffet of sorts, so everyone can pick and choose what feels right to them. This also means holding space for unconventional pairings that can result in healing and growth in all its different forms.  

“Bohemian” is simply embracing lifestyles outside the conventional norm and celebrating all the unique possibilities of this beautiful journey. Wild Ginger Apothecary is that kind of experience—when you walk inside, you will be immersed in the smell of ritual smudging, an atmosphere full of eclectic patterns, colors and textures, music that inspires reflection, and the space to take in the entire store without feeling overwhelmed.  

The impact this has on our customers is immediate and clear. In fact, they will often just stop in when they are in the neighborhood—even if they have nothing to purchase or aren’t planning to attend a class. The ambiance is purely magnetic.   

NA: With 2024 just around the corner, do you have any exciting new plans currently in the works to expand the offerings of your business in the months ahead?  

Tentler: My hope is that WGA continues to evolve in its healing specific offerings. As someone who has forged my own holistic health journey, I know personally how scattered it can feel at times and how helpful it would have been to be able to have a Hub to be able to not only access different practitioners and services, but to also converge with others on a similar journey.  

NA: What is your ultimate desire for customers to experience at Wild Ginger Apothecary that you hope will motivate them to continue returning?   

Tentler: As I mentioned earlier, my hope is for our community to feel accepted, validated, and appreciated where they’re at, while also knowing there is an open invitation to dive deeper into their own journeys of self-reflection and growth.  

We carry a wonderful book by Brianna Wiest, in which she says, “Every conscious thought you have either circles you back into the mental cycle you’re in, or it liberates you from it.” My desire—and the mission of Wild Ginger Apothecary by extension—is to give everyone the room to feel comfortable and empowered, to liberate themselves from whatever they feel could be limiting them from their highest level of peace and happiness.   

Wild Ginger Apothecary is located at 6557 Superior Avenue, Sarasota. The hours of operation are Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information and to view the schedule of classes and services, call 941-312-5630 or visit 

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