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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Letter From Publisher February 2024

Welcome back to another issue of Natural Awakenings! This is a special month for us because it marks the 30th anniversary of all Natural Awakenings franchises across the United States. We are so grateful for your continual readership—it’s because of this community that we have been able to thrive in the holistic wellness space for 30 years. The theme for this issue is all about heart health (Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, after all), so without further ado, let’s dive right into the beneficial and inspirational content that’s waiting for you inside.  

Our feature article starts with the connection between oral and heart health. Innovative new research explains how dietary habits impact oral bacteria and gut microbiota, which ultimately affects your heart. Learn more about the strides that holistic dentists, nutritionists, digestive specialists, and functional medicine practitioners are making to bolster cardiovascular wellness through nutritional choices and oral hygiene behaviors.   

Another contributing factor to heart health is stress relief, and this month’s “Healing Ways” article explores the benefits of breathwork for effective stress management. Over time, chronic stress can cause high blood pressure and inflammation, which could increase the risk of cardiovascular issues. However, as this article points out, intentional breathing techniques will help center your mind, stabilize your heart rate, calm your nervous system, and restore your entire self back to a state of balance and well-being.      

When we think of the term, “cardiovascular,” exercise often comes to mind—but it can be tough to find enjoyable cardio workouts that are also low-impact enough to protect those delicate joints. That’s where our “Fit Body” article comes in. From yoga and Pilates, to water aerobics and cycling, to elliptical circuits and walking, this article is full of ideas to help strengthen your cardiovascular fitness without causing pain in your joints.   

We can’t wait for you to uncover all this inspiration (and more!) inside our latest issue. As usual, it’s an honor to be part of your continued wellness journey, and we will see you back here next month for even more content to enlighten and uplift you in 2024. 


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