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Experience Healthy Weight Loss and Lifestyle Habits with Best Medicine

Effective weight loss is a common goal for many, and Best Medicine is offering a prescribed oral lozenge form of the weight loss medication Ozempic (a GLP-1 receptor agonist or semaglutide). While the weekly injectable version of this medication is quite expensive—about $1,000 per month, according to GoodRx—the daily lozenge form costs one quarter of that price. 

In order to maintain these weight loss results, it’s also important to consider holistic lifestyle factors such as nutritious eating habits, consistent exercise, and hormonal balance. Best Medicine can teach you how to integrate these healthy behaviors into your normal routine as well. To further empower your wellness journey, Dr. Carol Roberts is also offering a free educational class on the first Wednesday of each month.  

This month’s topic is “Maintaining Brain Health Throughout Life,” and the topic for May will be “Living a Long and Healthy Life.” Starting in April, the location for all 2024 classes will be Unity Church in Sarasota, from 2–4 p.m.  

Location: 3023 Proctor Rd., Sarasota. For more information and to reserve a seat in this month’s class, call 941-404-8030. You can also watch a live stream online through Facebook.  





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