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Why Burning Sage is So Important

Burning sage is a traditional ritual that cleanses the environment and removes negative energy. This practice began in Native America, and has penetrated across cultures due to its medicinal and metaphysical benefits. Here is some “sage” advice from Elysian Fields 

Studies show that sage has antimicrobial properties, which can ward off bacteria, fungi, and viruses with 94% efficiency for up to 24 hours. Sage helps neutralize positively-charged ions that are harmful to the human body and make energy around our aura stagnant. Removing these ions can help you feel lighter, both spiritually and emotionally. 

Burning sage can also reduce the emotional impact of past traumas, which creates more room for peace, calm and spiritual connection to take root. Bathing in sage cleanses through water, while burning sage purifies through fire. Research indicates that sage can be used as a remedy to help manage anxiety, depression, or mood swings, since it contains elements that activate certain pain and stress brain receptors. Finally, burning classic garden sage can promote more restorative and refreshing sleep quality. 

Here are just a few examples of when to sage in order to cleanse your aura and nurture your sense of well-being. Sage before you move into a new house, launch a new business, or host a large event. Sage after a breakup with a romantic partner. Safe when someone in your home or family is sick. Sage when you experience tension or stress. Finally, sage whenever you come into contact with negativity from others. Contact Elysian Fields to schedule a house or office clearing, or to purchase your own sage.   

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