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Natural Awakenings Sarasota / Manatee / Charlotte

Transforming Darkness Into Light with Dr. Joy Pederson

Archangel Michael appeared before Dr. Joy Pedersen in 2004, asking her to join him in a healing practice and write his book, Wisdom of the Guardian. Dr. Pedersen subsequently learned that her mission was to turn the dark to light and help all reach the highest light. This work has since focused on clearing the darkness and imbalances throughout history. 

The Archangel revealed to Dr. Pederson that one of her specialties is clearing persecution. Many lightworkers and healers are not fulfilling their destinies because of memories of persecution from other lifetimes or other limiting beliefs instilled by their past. Dr. Pedersen can identify and release the cause of those traumas to set others free. 

Dr. Pederson often clears spells, curses, black magic, demons, or contracts with and by darkness in previous lifetimes. Many lightworkers have contracts taken on them to undermine them by darkness. Clearing these contracts can open doors to more peace, prosperity, and possibility. Some clients also hire her to clear their world concerns. As a global healer, she will resolve the issue, the cause, and the connection of the storyline to the client’s lineage, so that healing and freedom can be restored.  

For more information, call Dr. Pederson at Express Success, LLC, at 941-220-6245 or visit To schedule an appointment, email To purchase gifts, visit


Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression