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Natural Ways to Control Summer Allergies

Early summer brings waves of pollen to much of the United States. Ragweed, purple loosestrife and other plants bloom and fill the air with allergens, as they have for centuries. More recently, though, the severity and pervasiveness of strong allergic reactions in this country has increased, according to a study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. When experiencing allergens, the body releases histamines that can trigger sneezing excess mucus flow, congestion and swelling of membranes and tissues.
Rather than using nasal sprays—many containing steroids or other synthetic chemicals—to attempt to prevent this response, a more natural spray can work instead. A decoction of herbs like yarrow leaf, horseradish root, elder flower and/or eyebright, when absorbed by the membranes of the nasal passageways, can enter the cells and cause them to produce their own antihistamines. This breaks the cycle of overt symptoms without the user becoming dependent on an unhealthy spray. The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine states that all these herbs, along with calendula and aloe applied topically for soothing, can bring natural congestion relief.
Another approach is to use a spray consisting of an enhanced aqueous silver colloid solution, which can constrict microcapillaries and reduce bleeding. Shrinking nasal tissues reduce swelling and congestion while killing bacteria and fungus. This can support a beleaguered immune system and help prevent a sinus infection—a natural gift of health for the allergy season.
Steven Frank, the founder of Nature’s Rite, is also an innovative herbalist. For more information, email [email protected] or visit 
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