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Objects of Magic Hosts Inspiring Retreats in Myakka

Spring is a time to discover the fresh, new wonders all around you. Join Objects of Magic for an unforgettable evening or full-day retreat and immerse yourself in nature this season. Join our mailing list to stay informed of upcoming events throughout the year. 

Objects of Magic retreats will help you make new friends, relax and have fun, ground yourself, and breathe in the fresh air of Myakka. These transformative experiences will refresh your spirit to set powerful intentions. Below are some of the retreats we offer. 

Gaëlle Wizenberg, the owner of Objects of Magic, will facilitate a “Power Talk” with the motivational impact of a B12 shot. This event teaches you how to love and strengthen your inner warrior. Next, Carrie from Avocado Zen will lead you in a heart-opening “Cacao Ceremony,” an ancient ritual that invites clarity, connection, and intention-setting into your life. In addition, Elizabeth Wilson will offer a “Reiki-Infused Guided Meditation,” transporting you into a state of deep rejuvenation and peace of mind.  

We also offer Yoga Flow with P.J., Yin Yoga with Marea, and Kundalini Breathwork Yoga with Petra. These sessions will help you align with the New Moon energy and tune into your highest state of mindfulness. Many of our retreats also incorporate singing bowls to enhance the mystical atmosphere, along with an outdoor farm-to-table dinner beneath the stars to foster communal joy and connection. 

On April 19, we will also host another “Bitcoin Yoga Retreat.” This event will be instrumental to help combine financial planning with spiritual centering. In addition, we offer private Bitcoin coaching sessions in both Sarasota and Myakka for those who want a more personalized educational experience.  

Along with these retreats and special events, Gaëlle Wizenberg offers private life coaching, and interior design with Feng Shui. Objects of Magic will also curate team-building events, board meetings, and private healing parties.   

Location: 14900 Coker Gully Rd., Myakka City. To learn more about March events and retreats, visit 

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